I can't wait to share this free palette knife painting lesson with you! You'll learn to get loose and painterly while painting little bird's nests on canvas.

Nests have been one of my favorite things to paint for many years. I've created all sorts of variations of this on many different surfaces.



I'm Amanda, and I love teaching you how to create beautiful artwork!

Hi, I'm Amanda Hilburn. 

Artist, Teacher, and Mentor

I'm a stay-at-home mom turned professional artist with a profitable online business. My lessons range from step by step painting lessons to how to build an online art business.

I share information freely on social media and my podcast, Heart to Heart. 

I'm so happy to meet you and hope you enjoy this free lesson!

Art is a spark of joy in a world of unpredictable events. It is sometimes the life line that holds us when we feel like nothing in our lives is going the way we thought it would. Aside from my deeply rooted faith in God, art is a necessity to keep my sanity on this side of Heaven. - Amanda